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Some sacrifices are too much to bear.

On the surface, the Madsen’s seem like a conventional family with the same problems that most deal with. That is until Sadie doesn’t show up for Christmas dinner.  As her sisters are pulled together to discover what’s happened to their semi-estranged sibling, a series of dark secrets are exposed from the girls’ past. The Madsen sisters must look to their tumultuous upbringing to find the truth behind what events haunted their sister, and the connection she has to their incarcerated mother.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, the family must find a way to come to terms with the trauma of their childhood in order to make things right in the present.


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Coming Spring 2018


Alissa seems to have it all; a wealthy husband, a nice home, designer clothes, and all the hours of the day to herself.   Convinced she had escaped the trappings of a life that had been pre-planned for her by moving to the UK, Ali creates a set of rules to live by.  However the upsets of her previous life are not forgotten so easily, and she soon finds that she is disenchanted by her marriage and the life she is living.  

It is only a random encounter with a charismatic journalist that reminds her of what is truly important to her.  Realizing she has run away from one bad choice to the next, Alissa decides it's time to start living her life for herself.  Suddenly willing to give up everything, she sets out on a new journey of self-discovery, independence and contentment.


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